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Feb 24

People who live in Oakland, California, know how important it is to have a beautiful smile. Our smiles are often the first thing people notice about us, and if your smile has been affected negatively, it affects your self-confidence.  Fortunately, with advances in modern dentistry, it’s easier than ever to get the gorgeous smile you […]

Dec 14

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures seen today is teeth veneers. These thin porcelain pieces are designed to look and feel like natural teeth and are used to cover a range of unsightly teeth issues. Common use includes porcelain veneers for gaps and unnatural spaces between teeth. Dr. Kenneth L. Childers at Montclair […]

May 06

In case you are not aware, porcelain veneers are the secret behind those glistening smiles you see in Hollywood movies. Just like you, your favorite celebrities weren’t born with perfect smiles. But instead of living with a less-than-perfect smile, they turned to cosmetic dentistry to change their smiles for the better. But you know what? […]

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