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Apr 19

As you gaze into the mirror, the sight of chips, stains, and gaps in your smile displeases you. Although you’ve considered dental veneers and crowns as a solution, the cost associated with these procedures is not feasible for your budget. Additionally, the time required for these treatments is significant and does not align with your […]

Feb 24

If you live in Oakland, California, and have unevenly spaced teeth, Dr. Kenneth Childers and the team at Montclair Dental Care can help you get the beautiful smile you deserve. Advances in modern dental technology have given patients more options than ever. Cosmetic dental bonding is one of those options. What is Cosmetic Teeth Bonding? […]

Nov 07

Almost everyone has a thing or two about their smile they’re unhappy with and would like to change. It could be anything from chipped teeth to discolored, gapped, or misshapen teeth. Through cosmetic bonding, Dr. Kenneth Childers can correct these imperfections to boost your smile’s appearance. Teeth bonding treatment from Montclair Dental Care in Oakland […]

Jul 18

In recent years, dental bonding has become a popular cosmetic procedure for correcting several dental problems. It is a simple and minimally invasive procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth. It entails using a tooth-colored resin material, applied to the surface of the teeth and hardened using a special light. […]

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