Professional hygiene appointments, oral care at home support healthy and pleasing smiles

At Montclair Dental Care, we appreciate that healthy, stunning smiles are “made,” not “born.” So, while oral conditions (such as advanced gum disease) can have a genetic component, even those who are “genetically blessed” with great teeth require regular hygiene appointments at our practice in Oakland, California. These routine dental exams and professional cleanings are complemented by consistently good oral hygiene at home. During regular checkups, Dr. Kenneth L. Childers and our skilled dental hygienists can also equip you with tips and recommendations for products to help you improve your oral hygiene game at home. Good home care often comes down to not only consistency but to technique. Consider the following:

  • While many patients may brush their teeth at least two times each day, they may not be brushing as diligently as they should. Set a timer to two minutes. Assure that you brush for at least that long each time you clean your teeth. 
  • Patients may naturally take great care to brush their teeth. But they may also fail to brush the gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth. These oral tissues trap bacteria, and harmful bacteria give rise to dangerous conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing these areas also fights stinky breath. 
  • Consistent tooth-brushers may also fail to floss. Brushing can only remove so much – food particles, bacteria, and plaque. Flossing between and around the teeth removes what gets left behind when patients only brush their teeth. Be sure to floss for two minutes, too. 
  • There is a right way to floss. Use plenty of floss (at least 18 inches). That way, you aren’t inadvertently reusing portions of the floss. Also, a light touch is effective. Snapping the floss or aggressively cleaning between teeth can damage tissues.  

If you have difficulty cleaning between tight spaces or under dental work, such as bridges, we may recommend specialized products like interdental brushes and floss threaders. Likewise, we can discuss the need for new or repaired dental work or orthodontic care. These treatments can make it easier to maintain excellent oral hygiene that supports a healthy mouth and appealing smile.  

The power of professional care  

Even the best brushers and flossers cannot possibly remove all plaque, and this sticky, destructive substance is constantly building on our teeth. Stubborn plaque can only be removed with specialized tools in the hands of professionals, like our dental hygienists. 

Without professional cleanings, scheduled at least once every six months, individuals may assume their mouths are healthy. But just because your mouth “feels fine” and your smile still “looks good” doesn’t mean your teeth and gums are healthy. Many oral conditions are asymptomatic in their earliest stages. When patients notice swelling, bleeding, and pain, the decay or inflammation may have already produced damage that cannot be quickly resolved.  

By maintaining professional cleanings and exams, Dr. Childers can spot problems early in the disease process. Early-stage conditions are generally easier to treat effectively, quickly, affordably, and conservatively.  

If you are due for a dental visit, call us right away at (510) 328-7792 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you!