Get evenly-spaced teeth and a balanced and attractive smile in just one office visit with dental bonding

A single visit to Montclair Dental Care in Oakland, California, is all it takes to eliminate stubborn stains, gaps between teeth, chips, and minor cracks, and irregularly shaped and imperfectly-sized or worn teeth. These and other imperfections may be addressed effectively, affordably, conservatively, and quickly with dental bonding.  

However, due to the nature of the tooth bonding procedure, you must be selective in choosing the provider that performs this cosmetic treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Kenneth L. Childers, has the experience and artistic skill to plan, design, shape, and place the bonding material to the affected teeth in a way that supports a natural appearance, lasting durability, and health, and that feels natural in the mouth.  

Bonding: A “technique-specific” procedure 

We cannot overstate it; the outcomes that patients enjoy from the bonding process are dependent on the provider’s (dentist’s) skill. Why? Bonding involves preparing a tooth-like dental material, such as composite resin. So, the resin looks like natural tooth enamel in terms of its color and other properties. 

The resin is applied as a pliable material by dentists like Dr. Childers. The dentist then precisely shapes the putty-like material to correct the specific imperfections that concern you. Depending on how Dr. Childers manipulates the composite, it can cover up spaces between teeth or disguise chips and other surface irregularities. Additional resin can be applied to create a taller or longer tooth. A tooth that negatively sticks out in the smile due to its shape can also be recontoured in Dr. Childers’ skilled hands. Bonding may also be appropriate for patients with unique discoloration or stains that do not respond adequately to professional teeth whitening services.  

Our patients appreciate that dental bonding:

  • Makes a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their smiles 
  • Preserves natural and healthy tooth structure as, unlike porcelain (indirect) veneers, no enamel is removed to accommodate the thickness of the veneer placed on top of the prepared tooth surface
  • Is gentle and well-tolerated since the tooth is only lightly buffed, sensitivity and other undesirable side effects associated with procedures that alter enamel is eliminated 
  • Is reversible (again, due to its being a “conservative” treatment that doesn’t remove tooth structure)
  • Can be completed in just one appointment 
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers 

With that being said, Dr. Childers is happy to discuss the pros and cons of treatment alternatives with you; for instance, patients may opt for porcelain veneers because they are a great value. Dental porcelain is incredibly strong. It also resists stains. So, while veneers may cost more upfront, they are designed to last and last.  

Of course, the longevity of all dental restorations depends on how well you treat your teeth and gums! Maintain regular checkups at our office. So, you can keep smiling comfortably and confidently. Call Montclair Dental Care today at (510) 328-7792 to schedule your appointment.