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Jun 14

You may not know what patients battling toothlessness go through until you lose a tooth. It’s not only humiliating when everyone stares at your toothless gap, but losing teeth birth numerous health complications, including bone loss, bite misalignment, and impeded oral function. The good news is that you don’t have to live with mouth gaps. […]

Feb 24

Everyone is more confident when they have a beautiful smile. If you live in the Oakland, California, area, you can regain your youthful smile even if you’ve lost a tooth. Options such as dental bridges have helped countless people get the confidence and the smiles they deserve.  What Are Dental Bridges?  A dental bridge is […]

Dec 14

Montclair Dental Care and their dentist Dr. Kenneth L. Childers, offer residents in Oakland, California, quality dental bridges to enhance their smile and make sure the form and function of their mouth remain intact. When a person loses one or more teeth, it can throw off their bite pattern and gradually start to erode the […]

Sep 05

For decades, patients have relied on dental bridges to restore scattered missing teeth or a single missing tooth. Over the years, new advances such as dental implants have enhanced the effectiveness of these oral devices. And here at Montclair Dental Care, Dr. Kenneth Childers is an experienced dentist who’s been creating natural-looking dental bridges for […]

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