Restore the healthy function and beautiful brilliance of your smile with tooth-colored dental fillings

Your dentist in Oakland, California, Dr. Kenneth L. Childers, is privileged to partner with patients at every step in their oral health journeys. By maintaining routine exams conducted by Dr. Childers at Montclair Dental Care, you can retain the healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile you deserve. Regular exams, and the cleanings by our professionals that go along with them, also support the early identification and treatment of oral problems. One of the most common oral problems, tooth decay, can be resolved quickly and conservatively with dental fillings.  

Fillings that look and feel like natural teeth! 

Dental fillings are designed and placed to “fill in” cavities or holes in the teeth. In this manner, the decayed tooth is restored to its natural, healthy appearance and function. Silver-colored fillings made from a mixture of metals were first widely used in the mid-1800s. Dental practices are still using them today. Consider the transformative changes in the past ten years, let alone the last 150-plus years. In more recent decades, new dental materials, techniques, and technologies have emerged. We have invested in those innovative offerings because they generally better support the following:

  • Satisfaction patients get from their rebuilt teeth 
  • Patients’ lasting health and well-being 
  • The beauty of the smile 
  • Patients’ self-confidence 
  • Best patient experience and safety 

Our patients appreciate Dr. Childers’s use of tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are designed from a composite resin material. These resins are primarily formulated with biocompatible (tissue-friendly) plastic and glass-like particles. The resin can be perfectly matched to the color of the surrounding tooth and the neighboring teeth – no more unsightly silver that detracts from the overall aesthetics of the smile! Furthermore, composite fillings are designed to retain their beauty and strength. They do not darken over time like silver-colored metal fillings. These fillings are appropriate for patients with sensitivities and allergies to metals.

Additionally, they can be placed in a conservative manner that preserves most of the healthy tooth structure. Composite fillings are commonplace and can be completed in a single visit. The process of replacing silver fillings, or otherwise repairing cavities, is well-tolerated due to the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure, as well as our use of precision anesthetic. We also welcome patient questions about ways to stay relaxed throughout treatment.  

With proper oral care at home and our practice, patients restored teeth hold up well over time. If you have signs of enamel erosion or decay, such as heightened sensitivity and pain, we encourage you to contact us immediately to schedule an appointment. Dr. Childers even keeps weekend and evening office hours for your convenience! Call (510) 328-7792 to schedule your visit today.