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Jul 17

Since breathing is an automatic bodily function, most of us never stop to consider the importance of getting enough oxygen. However, for people with sleep apnea, oxygen deprivation is a real problem with life-threatening consequences. People with this condition can stop breathing while asleep several hundred times per night, resulting in lower oxygen levels. A […]

Apr 20

Snoring, associated with sleep apnea, is a serious problem. Not only does it disturb everyone around the sleeper, but it also creates severe health complications for the sufferer. The Montclair Dental Care team describes sleep apnea as the partial or complete closing of the airway while sleeping. It disturbs deep sleep and can result in […]

Jan 12

When looking at common methods used to treat sleep apnea, no treatment is more widely utilized than CPAP. While many consider this the best treatment option, many patients who visit Dr. Kenneth Childers at Montclair Dental Care in Oakland, California, find a CPAP difficult to wear consistently. A CPAP machine can be loud, cumbersome to […]

Nov 07

If you or a family member suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, there are solutions in Oakland, California. Dr. Kenneth Childers offers a sleep apnea treatment that is more affordable than a CPAP machine, and this treatment is also much more comfortable. Sleep apnea can be terrifying. Severe cases can have a person waking up and […]

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